Tuesday, November 12, 2013


A blessing that initially appears to be a curse.

One of the things I enjoy about craft fairs is meeting other creative people.  As artists we are balanced on a knife edge - months of isolation as we plunge into the creative process and weeks of high density interaction with the public as we try to sell our work.  Along the way we sometimes have an opportunity to get to know other exhibitors a little bit.

So it was with Savannah Grace.

I'd passed her booth several times but wasn't quite sure what she was all about.  First, I didn't know what Sihpromatum meant.  Nor did I understand what growing boobs in China had to do with anything.  Her booth always seemed to have lots of people around it, so I would just walk on by.

But one day, in the exhibitor lounge, I sat across from a 20 something woman and we started chatting.  Hearing a little about her story, I stopped at her booth and bought a copy of her book.  It didn't hurt that I was getting nervous about running out of reading material, and here was a book that intrigued me after hearing about it from the author. :)

It's a coming of age story.  And after meeting Savannah I am looking forward to hearing more about her journey.

I rather suspect you might to.

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Savannah said...

Hey Laura! I'm so glad I took down your blog! It's always so fun to hear someone else's side to a story :). It was so nice meeting you and your blog has inspired and reminded me that I need to keep blogging as well! So great to see that you were blogging about the Circle Craft. I also had so much fun. I hope it was a great success for you and I can't wait to know what you think of the book. Keep in touch. Savannah Grace