Friday, November 1, 2013

More on Studio Fair

A little better look at the booth.

I pay extra for a corner booth which gives good visual exposure and flow through traffic.  We bought a new mirror this year - I was tired of the 'fun house' effect of my old mirror - which was not free standing and a pain to try and install somewhere.  A local store had free standing mirrors on sale in August so I decided it was time to have a better view for the customer.  No point turning them off by making them look short and fat.  :(

When setting up a display, don't overlook the power of colour.  Notice the concentration of red in the furthest 'back' corner.  While red will draw people in, the most popular colour is generally in the blue/purple range.  But that colour preference can be regional, too, so it's a good idea to have a good range of colours.

As much as possible get textiles up off the flat.  Since I somehow managed to produce an abundance of inventory, we had to set out extra shelves to help display much of it.  There are still several boxes of overstock behind the drapes.  I noticed after I took the pictures that one of the drapes was up, showing the box that is supposed to be hidden behind it.  :)  Oh well, this was before the show opened, and I did set it to rights before the public started coming in.

So far the attendance has been lower than expected but the sales have been happening so it would appear the 'serious' shoppers managed to make it.  I'm keeping fingers crossed for a good article in the newspaper tomorrow and hope more people come.  The weather has been lovely so perhaps people are doing last minute garden stuff.

I'm trying to get the loom set up again with another place mat warp - once again they have proven popular.  My first sale of the day, the customer said her old Laura Fry place mats were 35 years old and while they were still usable she really felt it was time to update.  :)   The customers who were purchasing just as Doug came to relieve me were updating their place mats after only 22 years....

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