Saturday, November 30, 2013


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A few months ago, doing some research on weavers who had sadly gone on to where ever we go when we leave this plane of existence, I was checking Wikipedia for biographical info on people like Peter Collingwood, Mary Black, Allen Fannin, etc.  And found precisely nothing on Wikipedia.  The only weavers I could find listed there were Anni Albers and Jack Lenor Larsen.

It occurred to me that one way to improve the profile of weaving and weavers was to start pages on the internet 'encyclopedia' and link them to the subjects 'weaving', 'hand weaving' etc.

Not being particularly savvy when it comes to the internet, nor knowing any of these people particularly well, I have approached several people who might be in a position to begin such a project.  But it also occurred to me that anyone can start a page, not just someone who knows anything about the internet.

And so I am challenging the weaving community - we have been complaining for years about weaving getting no respect.  About the greying of the guilds.  About how we need to attract new, younger weavers to the warped side.  The gauntlet has been thrown down.  Who will pick it up?


Dorothy said...

Good idea! I'm working flat out on getting a magazine to print and have another website project lined up - but will add this to the list of things I'd like to be involved with. I'm researching 20thC handspinning and spinning wheels in the UK for my site and many of the notable early 20th spinners were also weavers.

Laura Fry said...

Dorothy, you might check in with Stacey Harvey Brown and Cally Booker as they were two UK people I have also mentioned this idea to. But I know life is busy. My own is crazy right now!

bibliotecaria said...

For me the difficulty is the knowledge, as I am one of those newer weavers. But posting on Wikipedia is something I've done before and would be glad to help with, especially if someone else writes the info!

Laura Fry said...

That's part of my problem, too. I don't have the knowledge. :(