Sunday, December 1, 2013


I knew I was tired.  I knew I was distracted.  I knew my mental faculties were less than sharp.  And once again I overestimated my capabilities!

Instead of marking off my draft as I completed each section, I relied on my dulled brain to follow the draft, so when I reached the end of the repeat, instead of having used up all of my ends as my math (always shaky at best) told me would happen, I was left with a whole bunch of threads left over.  


too many ends

Giving myself the night off I went back to the studio first thing this morning and started setting up the loom to create a cross because my 'first' mistake was about 1/3 from the beginning.  Which meant I had to re-thread 2/3's of this warp.  (No, I couldn't fudge it - the mistake was such that re-threading was the only option.)
{I won't share my thoughts when I realized that!}

So I tied the warp up to the apron and prepared the computer to create a 2/2 cross when I discovered this - my actual first mistake...

It appears that when I transferred the draft from iWeaveit on my iPad to my big computer I didn't notice four 'extra' spaces in the middle of the draft.  Which means my math was all wrong right from the get-go...

Which means I'm going to have 'extra' ends left over.  But much better 'extra' than too few, right?

Inserting lease sticks and hanging them from the castle in preparation for re-threading took just a few moments with the warp still tied to the apron and therefore under tension...

If you look closely you can see a red line on the right hand side.  To the best I can determine, all of these threads are correct.  I will only pull out the rest of the warp, not this bit.

Fortunately I'm fast at threading so it won't take too long to get the warp correct.  As for the 'extra' ends - they will get wound onto a couple of cones as the weaving progresses as they roll off the beam.  They won't be 'wasted' as I will give them to a friend who is willing to salvage them for use in her weaving.

Am I happy about making such a silly mistake?  No.  Am I going to beat myself up about it?  No.  I'm just going to knuckle down and get it fixed.  Hopefully today after I do the pressing of the mats and samples for the Handwoven article I got run through the washer and dryer yesterday.


Pamacska said...

Oh, I make mistakes like this regulary :)It's fun if you see this with somebody else. Heh...

Margaret Copeland said...

Not sure you're using the Ipad WeaveIt module that helps with the threading and the treadlings (does the lift plan too). It show big on the screen and you can step it forward and backward. Really helped me build my dobby chain.

Laura Fry said...

I have it but I didn't use it in this case. Got it fixed this afternoon so I can start weaving.

Debi said...

How did you share the iWeaveit on your big computer? I can email it but I don't think it looks like that? Do you have to have weave it? I can't check my Mac is in the shop! Evidently macs are getting viruses too!

Laura Fry said...

I emailed it to myself, then opened it in Fiberworks. That's what you are seeing in the photo.