Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Weather Outside... frightful...

Well, it's not actually terrible - yet - but it's snowing.  And it's Christmas/solstice.  And there's a Snowflake Weave-a-long on Ravelry so it sort of seemed appropriate that I use some of my and Lynn's red cotton and make some table runners using the Swedish Snowflake design.

As luck would have it, my rendition of the design nicely fits into the number of ends I asked Doug to beam (24 x 32 = 768).  Love it when that happens.  There will be 4 ends left over if I've counted correctly.  Or maybe 2.  But yes, I'd rather have a few ends 'extra' than too few.  So I'll sacrifice a few yards of yarn and not think twice about it!

What I am actually going to do is use the motif as a border along each edge with a 'plain' centre.  It won't actually be plain because I'm just going to thread on 8 shafts with point twill progressions between the motifs, so the centre area will be the elongated diamonds as seen on the edges.

For the first part I'll use up the last of the fine half-bleached linen cone in some sort of twill variation, then swing into the actual motif when I run out of that.  This warp will be woven as 'yardage' - in other words, I won't specially weave hems, just keep on repeating the motif and cut between them.  That way I can cut various lengths for longer and shorter table runners once the cloth has been woven.

With the very short grey days we've been having, a splash of scarlet red seems just the right thing to put on the loom.

PS - if anyone wants the above draft, I can put it into a Word document - email me laura at laurafry dot com and I'll send it along

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Each time I read a post on your blog I learn more. Thank you. I will keep coming back into the New Year 2014.