Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Endings, Beginnings

Another failed attempt to get a photo of the Swedish Snowflake as Blogger insists on washing out the red.  Nothing like technology to keep one humble?

While I more truly consider the solstice to be the end/beginning of the year, I haven't much liked the way the 'new' year has started so I'm going to go ahead and join with the rest of society and proclaim that midnight tonight is the end of the year and the beginning of a brand new one.

Beginnings are always so...optimistic.  Nothing has gone wrong - yet.  Everything is shiny with promise.  We get a chance to try again and this time, maybe, things will go 'right' instead of 'wrong'.  The great cycle of life has turned one full rotation and we are ready for the sun to return, for life to spring anew.

This is a time for hope and optimism.

From our house to yours - may you have everything you need, looms and wheels etc. that behave, yarn that inspires, creative ideas that keep you excited about each and every day.  May we all have a very happy new year.

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