Friday, December 6, 2013

Trouble With Normal

Is it always gets worse...   Bruce Cochburn

No picture today.  I am inundated with clutter.  Between the woodwork, guild auction stuff, things to be packed up for the sale on the weekend and the trip south, we are reduced to pathways.  In a house that was already clutter central, dealing with two other people's stashes, in anticipation of a third huge stash to come, in a small house where there was already more stuff than space available....

I am feeling totally over whelmed.  And cranky with it. :(

It is also dragging me down emotionally knowing that there will be little time to deal with it all given my schedule for the next seven months.

In other words, as soon as I get home I have to:  finish the two articles for Handwoven; prepare the yarns and drafts for the Block Weaves workshop at John C Campbell (yes, the classes are a go), get ready for Fibres West in March, weave more samples for the shop in Vancouver, prepare for a beginning weaving class in March, and onwards until the project that cannot be named in May, which will require a great deal of my time and attention in order to successfully complete that.

I don't see a lot of time left over, even for weaving with any of the yarn legacy.

So things are not going to get better until they get worse.  Possibly a whole lot worse.  My goal of stash reduction remains the same.  Looks like I'm just going to have to deal with it ballooning before it will get whittled down...


Melody Lang said...

Ask for help. The load for some of those tasks can probably be shared.

Laura Fry said...

I am fortunate in having friends who will pitch in. But some of this stuff can only be done by moi.

Pity party over. eBay auction over. Hope to get everything in the mail by Monday at the latest. Will even make another trip to the post office this afternoon if payment arrives in time. :)


Peg Cherre said...

I wish I could help.

Here's one thing I've learned over the years...when I'm feeling really overwhelmed by too much to do and not enough time, feeling like I need to work ever faster, what I REALLY need to do less, not more. Slow down. Take a hot bath, some long walks, a day (or two) off. Enjoy my life and put things back into perspective.

That has ALWAYS helped me. Sometimes I get a plan during that break, sometimes I simply change my attitude; in either case, it works.

Breathe in, breathe out. Slowly. Remember that this, too, shall pass.

Laura said...

"Could be worse, could be raining!" Igor, from Young Frankenstein.

It is what it is. You cannot change it. Do what you can, and it will be good enough.

I know, easy for me to say... I struggle with the same issues (though not while weaving for a living). It is hard to take each day as a gift, but gifts they are.

I'm enjoying the gift of my new puppy. A delightful soul, energetic and inquisitive, but very kind. I'm trying to enjoy the gift of extreme cold, and thoroughly enjoy the gift of my wood stove!

Hang in there - You will make it. I wish there was some way I could help, but I'm about 1500 miles away!