Monday, December 23, 2013

Fire-y Red

Beginning of the red warp showing the header where I checked for threading/sleying errors, decided on a treadling and just generally made sure the loom was behaving.

Red on Red Swedish Snowflake motif used as a border on each side of the warp.

I fiddled around with the motif and centre field to make it fit the number of ends in the warp (24" x 32 epi) and wound up with a few extra ends which are hanging off the back of the loom.  These threads will not be wasted but given to a friend who doesn't mind taking some time to sort them out for her own use.

I'm not entirely sure I'm happy with the white weft on the red - the contrast in value is a little 'extreme' for my tastes.  But as towels?  I'm sure someone, somewhere will be happy to have them.  They just wouldn't look great in my kitchen.  Since I rarely weave for my own use, though, I'm happy enough with them and they will go into inventory.  Plus that cone of half-bleached singles linen is now officially used up.

I love fine yarns, but they do go on for a very long time.  You certainly get your play value out of a cone of fine yarn!  The 20/2 red I'm using for weft has a bazillion yards per pound (20 x 840 = 16,800 divided by 2 = 8400)   I should have weighed the cone before I started winding bobbins, but I expect it is around 2 pounds.  It will probably outlast the 30 yard red warp currently on the loom.  Since I have lots of the 2/16 for warp, another one may be in the cards.  I'll change the design, but there will no doubt be lots of inventory of table runners and/or towels in holiday season red for next year.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

You are making me love red, not something I do often. The design is fascinating and I am learning so much from just listening to you 'talk'. Thanks very much.

DebbieB said...

Great and glorious colour. I know what you mean about the white weft - I'm not a fan of the 'washed-out' look myself, but others like it.

Merry Christmas, Laura!

Weaving Rose said...

I wish the red on red came out better in a photo. I'm sure they are gorgeous in person.

Laura Fry said...

Once it is off the loom I will get a better picture.