Monday, December 30, 2013

27 Yards +/-

Hmm - Blogger doesn't seem to 'get' red.  While this wasn't a great photo to begin with, it wasn't washed out until I uploaded it to here.

At any rate.  This is what 27 yards, more or less, of 2/16 cotton warp with 20/2 cotton weft at 32 epi/ppi looks like.  The 20/2 is is most likely open end spun.  It's much weaker than my 2/20 mercerized cotton and much fluffier.  In fact it's comparable in terms of grist (or thickness) to the 2/16 which is ring spun.  So I didn't adjust the density when I switched to the 20/2 cotton but treated it as though it were the same grist as the 2/16.  And it seems to be quite happy.

Although the weaving is done, the cloth is far from done, done.

Next step - inspect and repair, then measure, cut and serge, then wet finish, then hem, then final 'finishing' press.

In the olden days professional weavers just wove.  All the rest of the things that go into making a web into real cloth was done by other professionals.  We don't have that system in the 21st century.  Sometimes I really wish we did!

Not entirely sure what will go onto the AVL next so I may just weave on the small loom for a while.  It's all weaving, after all.  There is a red warp ready to go with another in the wings waiting for weft to arrive.  So if I finish the red one - which I ought to do - I will likely put the blue one on the loom.

There are still 8 scarf warps to be wound and shipped to the dyer before I leave, too.  But one by one I am crossing things off my list.  And that's a very good feeling, yes, indeed.  Even if it means I have had to shuffle the order somewhat.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Being able to "shuffle that order somewhat" requires a flexibility that shows in your weaving too, I think. As a relatively new reader I am learning so much about you and your ways. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.

Laura Fry said...

Thanks Lynda. I try to remember that the willow bends and does not break. ;)

Valerie said...


I'm one of the "something else" votes. What about an ebook with your favorite weaving drafts and what you do to make those drafts special?

ie. which drafts you like for blending different yarns in warps, which drafts you can come up with almost infinite treadling possibilities, which drafts are good for blending colors in the warp...or for stripes...