Monday, December 9, 2013

The Goal

There is a bit of a hokey tv show I got hooked on during convalescence for my broken ankle called Canada's Worst Driver.

One of the 'isms' they are constantly telling the bad drivers is to "look where you want to go".

It's a good thing to remember for life in general.

Having successfully navigated the show schedule, I am now facing the deadlines for the next 7 months.  In order to not feel overwhelmed, especially when I'm so very tired, I decided that I really need to just focus on the next deadline and not worry too much about what comes next.

I am well aware of what is coming up - in many cases all too quickly - but if I'm going to continue to successfully navigate the shoals of my upcoming calendar, I need to not panic about the things that are in the distance but to stay in the present.  Stay in the 'now'.  Stay focused on the next deadline.

The weather forecast for tomorrow looks good so we will head south, with a couple of stops along the way.  We'll stay overnight, then finish the trip Wednesday morning, tackling Seattle traffic during daylight..

We have dust masks, 'rubber' gloves, changes of clothing, an order of boxes awaiting us and taping gun.  We have a place to store some of the yarn since we will not be able to bring everything back in one trip.  I have a couple names of people 'local' who I will contact to see about the yarn I can't bring back.  We have an open ended trip planned because we truly don't know what awaits us.

Once I get home I'll swing into gear on the next job in the queue.  Until then, I'm not going to think about that long line of hurdles - too much.  It's elephant eating time - one bite, one bite, one bite....


Sandra Rude said...

Safe travels! I'm sure you can find someone in Seattle who can either take yarn off your hands or store it until you can deal with it later - much later.

Peg Cherre said...

A rational, thoughtful approach from a rational, thoughtful weaver. Keep breathing. And smiling - it does make a difference.