Saturday, December 7, 2013

Through the Worst

Now that the eBay auction is all but done, the majority of the items shipped, the rest to go into the mail on Monday, I feel as though a great weight has been lifted.  After throwing myself a pity party yesterday, I have - I think - managed to thrash my way through my testiness and regain a sense of equilibrium to find the silver linings.

The Peter Collingwood textiles will go to new appreciative homes as will the books and magazines.  Jean's son will get a cheque, which will no doubt help with expenses and so will my local guild.

The guild sale is well underway.  I got some nice yarn to knit scarves for a donation but even better, some of my 'orphan' textiles (discontinued lines) have found new homes.

I also have someone signed up for the workshop in March.  It would be nice to have a couple more, but I will run it with two.

Best of all, I have had some quiet time to sit and knit and not think about much of anything.  As an introvert, all the intense interaction with others over the past six weeks was wearing.  It was time for a little quiet time with no immediate pressures.

At lunch I went home to deal with the last of the eBay auction and while I ate lunch watched a TED talk on living a grateful life.  It was just what I needed.  It reminded me that we can choose to be happy in spite of the stress of life.  Yes, indeed we can.  We just have to remember to stop, look and do.  Be peaceful.  Be grateful.  Find the silver lining, because you know there will be clouds.


Fran said...

What is the workshop, Laura? And where?? Fran

Laura Fry said...

The workshop in March is Beginning Weaving at my local guild.


Fran said...

Oh, I see; thank you,


Laura Fry said...

Other workshops - January at John C. Campbell - 5 day Boot Camp, 2 day Bock weaves; April in Tacoma, WA - lace weaves; June at the Fibre Festival in Olds, Alberta, Complex Weavers in Tacoma. That's basically it for this year...