Monday, December 16, 2013

As I Mean To Go On

This morning I determined to get back to the loom pronto, so after a quick trip to the post office to pick up two bunny-eared-bags-of-goodness (about 80 pounds of yarn from Maurice Brassard), and a gift (see below) I fired up the loom and got started.

I had intended to finish this warp with some 2/16 pale yellow, and decided to dig into the boxes (I brought two of them in with the other yarn) and see what I could find.

There were two cones of linen, one a single ply, the other 2 ply.  The 2 ply is too thick for the warp on the loom, so I'll use the singles.  And the first of Lynn's yarn will get woven up.  :)

There were also a couple of cones of cotton flake, strong enough for warp, so I'm thinking of throwing a warp on the small loom for table runners.  Or towels.  I haven't decided yet.  The cotton flake is a bit thick in the thick bits, so the overall cloth might get too thick for towels.  Unless I use 2/16 cotton for weft in plain weave.  I will cogitate on that for a while.

And the gift in the mail (apologies for poor photo) were not one but two bobbin lace bookmarks made by Deb Todhunter.

As you may know, I am an avid reader, and having handmade bookmarks just makes the whole experience nice. 

Speaking of books, I did manage to read a bit (long drives as a passenger gave me some time in the car) so I read Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker and The Black Count by Tom Reiss.  I think both were recommended by Dana Stabenow (another author I enjoy reading).

The Bruno book is the first in a series which I will likely continue to read.  It was a nice light read.  The Black Count is non-fiction - about the father of Alexandre Dumas.  But it wasn't just a biography - it covered a part of history I knew far too little about - the treatment of 'people of colour' in France before, during and after the French Revolution.  

Currently reading The Serpent's Shadow by Mercedes Lackey.  It is the first in a series - she has many different series - but the books don't need to be read in order.  

Lackey is an author many people have recommended to me over the years - I have finally gotten started on her works.


MegWeaves said...

I was tidying my own stash this morning. Not so much tidying as putting some back in the boxes and making room on the floor for such things as my feet. Goodness me, do I have a lot and I must get cracking on reducing them this afternoon as I hate for my hubby to have to deal with them for any reason. Though he might just give everything to my friends in Marlborough, which would be kind of easy... But no, I must use these yarns!!

Laura Fry said...

At least he know what to do with it - you know it won't go to the tip. Unfortunately I've heard of too many weaver's estates that have done just that. :(

I, too, like to spread the yarns out so I can see and think about which will go together. :)