Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Slip Sliding

back to the Fanny and warping valet

warp wound of two 2/8 cotton with one strand of variegated cotton flake

ready to transfer the cross - the lease sticks aren't going anywhere so long as tension is kept on the warp

In spite of a whole lot of distractions I did manage to rough sley, beam and begin threading the warp with the second cone of Lynn's yarn.

But distractions abound!  There have been so many that I completely lost track of the upcoming holiday season and realized we had not booked reservations at the one restaurant in town that actually does a Christmas dinner.  It looks like they might be full, so now I have to scramble for an alternative.  Cooking here at the house is not attractive, and mom isn't all that interested in doing a big family meal either.  So, not sure what we'll do.

Also realized that it is just 3 weeks until I leave for NC - and still no paperwork from the school.  It's probably stuck in the holiday mail but I'm feeling antsy about booking my tickets.  By the time I realized that, they were closed for the day so I just sent an email asking for the class list by email so I can contact the students.

It also means that I'd better hurry up and book our tickets.

Tomorrow Doug will beam a warp onto the AVL.  My afternoon tomorrow is 'shot' with a badly needed massage treatment followed by a tune up with the chiropractor.  My back has not been happy threading today, but I'm about 2/3's of the way through and still hoping to at least start weaving tonight to see how the cloth looks in terms of quality.

I still have the 'experiment' to do for Handwoven, a short article to write up in addition to the experiment notes, prepare class handouts for the Block Weaves workshop and pull the yarns for the warps.  It's looking like I may have to send them by Expresspost (expensive!) in order for them to get there in time.  I won't be able to fit it all into my carry on suitcase.  Oh well!

There are other things lurking in the background, too, but they haven't gone critical - yet.  This year is slip sliding away - and so is my time to get things done....

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Rhonda from Baddeck said...

I really like the colours in that variegated warp!