Sunday, December 29, 2013

Continuing the Red

one end of the studio - red on the loom and on the mill

the other end of the studio - red warp in the bucket, red being rough sleyed on the table, red on the loom

The only problem is that I'm running low on red to go with the cones of cotton flake from Lynn's stash.  While I might be able to wind warps, there won't be enough for weft.  And so another yarn order has been sent in.  It won't get here before I leave, but it will be by the time I get home.  And then it will be full steam ahead?

In the meantime I found some medium value blue which will be 'ok' with the cone of blue/purple/green cotton flake and started winding that.

The red warp on the AVL is almost finished - the plan is to get that off the loom tomorrow and then concentrate on the towel warps on the Fanny.

The suitcases are out, ready to be filled.  My ledger is almost ready to take to the accountant.  Just waiting to see if there are any more bills that need to be paid before the end of the month.

And if you haven't already participated in the poll, I am looking for feedback on what my 'next' Big Project ought to be.

I must be mad thinking about doing another book, but this time it will be digital (if I do it at all) given how much postage rates have risen and are threatening to go ever upwards.  I fear Canada Post may become as extinct as the do-do bird in a few short years.  By which time I really hope 'they' have a matter transmitter - that actually works.

Digital files are well and good, but textiles really need to be handled.  Speaking of which I still have a few copies of A Good Yarn:  Cotton and far too many copies of A Good Yarn: Rayon left.  Good idea to buy now before postage rates go up again, typically mid-January....

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