Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How we spent Tuesday

It took three of us 90 minutes to clear the basement of tools, wood, bits and bobs of wooden parts for various fibre crafts.

Doug will finish what tools can be finished and sell them. Possibly at Fibres West next March.

We may have to make a second trip as there is much more than anticipated (there always is!). Some of Dougs wood turning buddies will be gifted the hard woods as he doesn't turn wood. Perhaps they will turn some parts in return.

Tonight I will begin photographing the Peter Collingwood items and books that will be auctioned off.

I'd like to have the auctions done before Christmas so I can at least get this commitment completed by year end. There will be the yarn that is coming home in December to sort as well.

So far no plates have dropped. We will keep on juggling!
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Brenda said...

Do you have an internet site where the Doug's work can be viewed and perhaps purchased?

Laura Fry said...

No, he doesn't 'do' the internet much. If warranted, I can post here. We'll see how much he gets done, and how much sells at Fibres West. :)

There is actually more than the photo shows - behind all those plastic bins are stacks of pieces of wood. It took 3 hours to sort through it, condense as many of the bins as we could and load half of it into the van. Doug will drive back down to Quesnel tomorrow and pick up the rest.

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Is this from the same place as your yarn 'inheritance?' Good luck with the sorting and redistributing. At least this will give Doug something to do during the winter while you're traveling and weaving. ;-)

Laura Fry said...

No, long story short, we have 3 'older' friends with health issues. Lynn died in August, leaving me her yarn stash, which I will go down to deal with next month. Jean is still in hospice, hanging on through sheer willpower, I think. I will be auctioning off her Peter Collingwood rug and macro-gauze in a week or so. Don is in care and his son was trying to clear out his workshop so he can list the house for sale....