Thursday, October 31, 2013

Studio Fair

So this is as far as we got before I caved.  Until the overhead lights are off we can't set our own lighting and it's hard to know just how it will look with the nasty hall lights killing the colours.

What I didn't quite catch in the photo was....see the catering guy in the white shirt and black pants to the far left?

As he walked by the booth he 'fondled' the scarves on the display rack.  :)

So I guess something is working?  Textiles do have to be felt.

To my friends doing shows this season - best wishes to you all for smooth travel, easy set up and lots of sales.


Dianne said...

Great corner position. Good luck with the sales.

the Mighty M said...

Catching the catering guy mid-fondle reminds me of those wildlife shows and the trip camera capturing a clandestine "visit".

Anonymous said...

Break a leg Laura!