Monday, October 7, 2013

Going 'Dark'

Here is one of the towels I did last week.  After wet finishing the reed marks have pretty much disappeared even at 4 ends per dent.

The next two warps are 30 epi and for several reasons, I switched to a 15 dent reed and 2 per dent.

One more sleep.  The weather is supposed to be fabulous in western NY state and I'm looking forward to seeing autumn in its splendour.

But it also means that my internet connectivity will be...spotty?  So I may not be posting very often for the next week...and the 4 or 5 weeks beyond that.  While I'm in Canada I can at least post from my phone, but my service provider has changed how they supply service out of the country and it's gotten terribly expensive.  So my phone will only be used for 'emergencies' when I'm south of the border....

The teal warp is in the washing machine, I'm meeting a friend for lunch but before that I need an 'emergency' chiropractic treatment.

This afternoon I will finish filling my suitcase in between loads of stuff for pressing, which Doug will do tomorrow.  And threading the next warp, another blue-ish warp which actually is half green but doesn't look it.  Or at least won't until the weft goes across it?  So I will try to finish threading that, too.

What did I say about not trying to squeeze one more thing in????  Obviously I'm a slow learner....


Sandra Rude said...

Safe and easy travels - I hope you sleep on airplanes better than I do!

Sandra Rude said...

P.S. I really like the way that towel looks after finishing. The patterning shows up much more clearly.

Laura Fry said...

Hi Sandra, I don't sleep on planes. At all. :( Which makes overseas flights particularly...challenging. The towel not only looks better it feels quite nice, too. That old Magic in the Water! ;D

MegWeaves said...

Yes, what Sandra said about the appearance after finishing. Lovely. And safe travels. I don't sleep on planes much, either, so I come off blurry eyed after watching upwards of 4.5 movies between Auckland and Tokyo; works great when they have good films, but they never have art docos, do they? Funny that.