Monday, October 28, 2013

Advance Notice

One of the things I have been doing lately is helping disperse the weaving, spinning, bobbin lace etc. stash of a friend currently in hospice.

I have volunteered to auction off some items that don't have a ready market here but that I am pretty sure will be wanted by weavers from afar.

Once I return from my shows - around the end of November, beginning of December, I will be setting up an auction on eBay for these items.

Pattern and Loom by John Becker (including the supplemental booklet) will be one of the items.  The book(s) are in very good condition - one small tear on the dust jacket, no bent pages, no signs of foxing.

Along with the Becker book set there will be a rug and a macro-gauze by Peter Collingwood.  As soon as I am able I will get photos of these for the auction.  There are a number of other OP books that may be of interest to weavers but I just haven't got time to go through them right at the moment.

In addition I will be auctioning off the guild Peter Collingwood rug.

If any of these items appeal, you might want to start saving your pennies.  :)

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