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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Road Tripping

I should have taken a photo of the van yesterday after we picked up a load of (mostly) spinning equipment en route south.  My friend loved spinning and weaving, and after a lifetime of collecting the tools she felt she needed, she had a house filled to bursting with equipment and materials.  Sadly she has no family who is interested in it, so friends are helping her son find new homes for as much of it as possible.

We stopped at another friends to drop off some smaller items and she said that once Noreen and I are done with Jean's, we can start on hers...

Meanwhile, Noreen and I are determined to keep this disbursement in mind and try to keep our own collections at least reasonable, if not simplified!

Too often I hear of elderly weavers whose families have no idea about weaving equipment and wind up loading everything into a truck and taking it to the dump!

Weavers and spinners need to have a studio executrix to assist their families in re-distributing their stashes.

What arrangements have YOU made about your weaving/spinning stuff?

And if someone in western Canada wants or needs a large warping mill, I know one looking for a home....


Kim Walter said...

I would be interested Laura. I will email you.

DebbieB said...

I have a list of my equipment and major supplies, with current values of each. My daughter and husband know what's valuable and what's not, and where to either donate or sell things.

Peg Cherre said...

I don't know if that mill folds and can be shipped, but if so I'd be interested, as well. I'll send an email, too, even though I'm on the east coast.