Friday, October 4, 2013

Guest Post - Mary L

Channeling my Inner Laura

I traveled to J.C. Campbell in North Carolina in February of 2012 to learn
Efficient Weaving techniques. I already enjoyed designing and planning, I
enjoyed weaving, I didn't even mind warping. I knew if I could get the warp
on faster and weave with ergonomics I'd advance from enjoy to love. 

Each time I warped the loom I practiced the techniques I learned. Each time
I dressed the loom the winding on, threading and sleying got easier. As I
became more at ease I saw where I was able to tweak to fit my funky back and
hold my hands to make it more comfortable. 

As I was becoming adept dressing the loom I could pay more attention to
ergonomics while weaving. One warp was dedicated to catching and throwing
the shuttle. Now it is automatic. My hands and wrists easily weave for
several hours in a day. No heating pads needed! Shuttle catching on
something? It was quick seeing the cause and fixing it. Posture and correct
height at a loom? Check. Dancing over the treadles? Check.

I've enjoyed helping warp looms for a workshop. Three in two days! I have
been able to weave 4 and 5 yard warps before they get dusty.

I think I'm like a lot of weavers. Partway through the warp you start
dreaming of the next one. With the skills I've learned and practice I know
it won't be long before I'll be weaving that textile I'm dreaming about.
It's easy peasy.

It is stories like Mary's that keep me travelling long distances to teach.  I live a long way from - well - everywhere.  It's 500 miles (nearly) just to get to the border.  And from the Pacific Northwest, it is a long way to the central part of the continent, never mind the east coast.

The trip coming up next week is a case in point.  My flight departs here at 7 am.  I arrive in Buffalo at 11:30 PM.  And I teach the next day.  In Rochester.  Coming home isn't much better - I leave Buffalo at 6:10 am arriving home in time for dinner.  If all goes well.

But then I get feedback like Mary's.  And it is all worth it.

Speaking of teaching, San Diego is interested in having me come down to southern California, perhaps in February of 2015.  Of course the travel is expensive, so they are looking for other guilds to help share the cost of getting me down there.  If there are guilds in the general area interested in having me at the same time, let me know and I can put you in touch with my contact.

Help rescue me from winter weather?

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