Sunday, October 13, 2013

Second Day

Today was another very full day with the workshop participants working more on their own and just three (I think!) lecture sessions.  I threw so much information at them yesterday I wanted to review some of it and build on what had gone before.

By the time we left this afternoon I think everyone was at the ready to weave stage so tomorrow they should make some progress on their warps.

This evening was the banquet and fashion show.   There are many talented and prolific weavers, spinners, dyers, knitters and felters in this region.  It was a delight to see so many lovely textiles. :)

Tonight I started organizing and packing my things.  We have to be out of the dorm rooms by 1 pm so all my stuff is going to have to be shifted to the classroom.  And everything begins a half hour earlier. :-/

My thoughts are already turning towards what needs to be done the minute I get off the plane on Tuesday....

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