Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So Here I Sit

At my gate a O'Hare airport, sleep deprived, facing a nearly five hour flight to Vancouver, a four hour layover, and a final hour or so flight home.  Too tired to think, let alone work on the project which cannot be named.  Too tired to read.  Too over tired to risk sleeping and miss the call to board in an hour.  Not to mention risking stress to my neck....

Ok, pity party over.

Reflections on the Eastern Great Lakes conference...

Chautauqua Institute is situated on extensive grounds near the western border of NY state.  A hop away from OH and PA.

The dorms were comfortable, the food decent, the companions delightful.

With just 80 something people, there was a chance to meet most of them at one meal or another.  There are many talented and prolific spinners, dyers, knitters, felters and weavers.  There were many hand made garments to see and appreciate.

The non-wearable exhibit was small but many excellent pieces on display.  The fashion show had many lovely garments in it.

Best of all, everyone seemed in good spirits, there was laughter and hugs.

And that is why I continue to get up at oh dark hundred, hop, skip and jump my way across the continent, sleep deprived and well out of my comfort zone.  The Internet is wonderful but I don't get real hugs that way. :)


Fran said...

You have my complete admiration for your gumption, and your standards of excellence, Laura. Have a long sleep and a long hot bath. Fran

MegWeaves said...

And welcome home, almost.