Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Found that O'Hare appears to have free wifi so, with a three hour layover, I am catching up on Facebook, etc.

The flights so far have been smooth sailing in spite of high wind in Vancouver.  Mostly I read and struggled to stay alert.  I don't tend to sleep while travelling unless I'm sick.  But it wasn't all fun and games.  I spent about an hour writing out a detailed outline for the Next Big Project.  I will review that in a day or two to see if I have forgotten anything.  Then I will start working on a task list.  Drawing up a map, if you will, of what needs to happen to make the NBP be a success.  Or, as close to a success as I can make it.

As mentioned previously, this is not under my control in the way previous projects have been.  I need to be aware of the needs and time table of the others involved.  As usual I have been 'ambitious' and will be attempting to do too much in a very small amount of time.  But I will have just that much time and no more so the better organized I am prior to the crew arriving the closer to success we will get.

And so instead of winging it, I am making lists.  Checking them twice.  Trying not to be naughty but nice.  Building a dream castle in the sky, then constructing a sturdy stairway to make sure I get there.

After all, if you don't know where you are going any road will do....

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