Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dragon's Breath

Another example of a little yellow going a long way - the colours are not 'true' in this photo - it looks much nicer in real life.  ;)  And there are just three yellow threads out of 30 in the repeat.

Just two more sleeps and the whirlwind begins.  I am working very hard to keep my inner dragon from breathing hot fumes down my back by not trying to cram one more thing, then one more thing, then one more thing into my schedule.

And now that the current flock of deadlines are upon me, I've done about as much as I possibly can do to get ready for them, I am beginning to think about the next flock which will be coming home to roost just as soon as I get home.

So one of the things I will likely be doing on the plane and in the airports (I have 3 hour lay overs in both Vancouver and Chicago) is making lists and outlines.

I look at such things as road maps, charting the direction I want to go, allowing me to see potential road blocks and where detours might be taken instead.

I suppose people might consider me ambitious.  If that means I have a long list of things I want to do while I still can, then the word does apply.  I just see so many interesting and fun things that I would like to experience.  I don't want to waste a minute of whatever time has been allotted to me.

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Lisa said...

I occasionally get to read your blog. For some reason, with the end of one feeder, I can't get a reader to actually work for me.

But I experience many of the same concerns you have about time, and getting things done, and disciplining myself to do what must be done. I really enjoy reading your posts.

And the most recent cloth photo posted is so lovely!