Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not Quite Over

Apparently 2013 wasn't quite over after all....

Since my post saying that all production from that day onward would be for 2014, I have finished the blue/green tea towel warp, including hemming most of the 17 towels from that warp, wound a white place mat warp, wove it off, cut and serged ready for wet finishing (sitting on the chair in the foreground) and wound a green place mat warp which will go onto the loom after lunch.

Doug will go pressing this afternoon to catch up on what I've hemmed and the plan is to finish the green mats, wet finish both the white and the green so I can bring them along on the trip, hemming and pressing as I go.  My little flat bed press will fit into the van and I can press in the hotel room in Vancouver as the room we have is a mini-suite with kitchenette.

The weather report has been revised and they are now saying sunny and dry for Monday so I'm hoping they are correct.  So much nicer to drive 450 miles when it isn't raining or - worse - snowing, especially this time of year when so many people still don't have winter tread on their vehicles.

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