Friday, October 18, 2013

And So The Year Ends....

"Wait, what?  Year end? What are you talking about?  It's only October!  We haven't had Hallowe'en let alone Christmas!" I can hear you asking.

The reality is, if you are a production weaver (potter, woodworker, etc.) relying on the autumn/Christmas sales for the majority of your income, your year pretty much ends one week before your first show.  Unless you are saner than I am and don't book a bazillion shows back to back throughout October/November and December.

So this warp of muted blue/greens... actually slated for next year's sales.  As is all other work scheduled during the next 2.5 months.

If I should get any of this warp woven, wet finished, hemmed and pressed in time for any of the upcoming sales, they will be a 'bonus'.  But I am not putting any pressure on myself whatsoever to have them finished for this year.

As soon as I get home from Calgary I will be plunged into finalizing the workshop in January at John C. Campbell Folk School .  There is a faint possibility that I might do a workshop in Knoxville, TN after that but the time line is very tight so I don't know if we can pull it together or not.

I have deadlines for the end of February for Handwoven submissions, one of which will require extensive 'sampling'.

There is a Beginning Weaving Workshop here in Prince George in March and a workshop in Tacoma, WA in April plus the Vancouver Guild program following that.

And over riding all of these deadlines is the big deadline, the one I can't miss, for the Next Big Project the first full week of May.

So yes, for me, 2013 is pretty much 'over' and I'm already working on 2014 deadlines....


Fran said...

Lovely pattern and color shading. Fran

Nancy Garden said...

Subtle and beautiful. Question: Do you have an opinion on using an end-feed shuttle? Thanks.

Laura Fry said...

I don't but it all depends on the person. I find most of the end feed/delivery shuttles too heavy for the extended weaving sessions I do. I borrowed one from a friend and by the time I finished the warp I was having carpal tunnel issues. So it was back to my trusty boat shuttles.

That said, each to their own. :)


Anonymous said...

It is amazing that I would find you at a time when I am questioning what to do with myself. And realizing that I need to learn more about the realities of life as a weaver. Which is my dream.
The more I learn the more I want it.
You were only talking about everyday realities but I want to say thank you any way.