Thursday, October 10, 2013

Interlude, part Two

Today is a day 'off', a day with no teaching, a day between a rather full day yesterday doing the Rochester, NY guild program and half day workshop and the start of the Eastern Great Lakes conference.  A rare opportunity to go sight seeing, hoping to view some autumn splendour.  Visit an exhibit or two, the weaving centre.  Meet more weavers.

While the Internet is wonderful, allowing contact with other like minded people, also passionate about textiles, there is nothing like being able to meet in person, touch the textiles (when that is allowed) and experience it all for 'real'.

Time to get my oatmeal and prepare for the arrival of my local guide.  It is sure to be a lovely day, especially since the weather is co-operating.  :)

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MegWeaves said...

Yes, please touch, touch, touch everything in sight and tell us all about it later. Happy journey.