Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It is so very satisfying when things are going relatively smoothly.  I'm still having some issues with bobbins jamming in the shuttle cavity, but only two or three picks so I just pay attention to when the bobbin is getting to that point then try to finesse the shuttle handling to minimize the issue.  And I'm doing well enough that I'm not going to change anything at this point.  But I do forget how much play time there is with fine yarns.  ;)  This warp is satisfyingly close to completion - there are probably close to 15 yards on that beam.

People sometimes describe me as a 'verbal' or 'storyteller' and I have to confess that is an accurate description of me.  I do relate to words/stories and pithy comments that try to sum up situations - like "It isn't finished until it's wet finished."  "If you can't be perfect, be consistent."  And so on.

One student said that after she got home from a class she found my voice had become an 'earworm' (a tune you can't seem to turn off) in her head.  Last night a new weaver said she had been doing some research and learning on the internet and come across 'Laura-isms' that she recognized.

When I first began weaving I had no idea that there would be something called the internet, emails, chat groups, cds, dvds.  All that was stuff of science fiction.

I would love to reveal the Next Big Project coming along in May, but I still don't have a contract so don't feel I can share that yet.  But I am hoping for a greater opportunity to become an earworm with my Laura-isms.....

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