Monday, September 30, 2013


My attention was brought to a thread on Ravelry where comments were made about how fast I weave.  (Based on viewing my video clip on You Tube.)

Out of curiousity, I kept track of how many picks I wove in a 40 minute session.  This number includes changing bobbins, trimming weft tails, taking sips of water etc.  It is not the speed of my weaving rhythm, which is, obviously, faster.

In 40 minutes I wove 1280 picks or about 32 picks per minute.  Weaving was a bit slower than usual because I'm weaving with fairly fine weft and I have not yet perfected how to wind the bobbins so that they wind off smoothly as they get near to empty.  I rather suspect that as I figure out the bobbin winding my speed will not have to slow to accommodate bobbins that don't behave nicely.

Some people add beads to the shuttle's spindle or axle to prevent the bobbin from 'jamming' in the shuttle cavity - I prefer to figure out how to wind the bobbins 'properly' so that messing with beads isn't necessary.  Just my preference....

At any rate I am delighted with the way this cloth is turning out.  The warp is 2/16 cotton with 2/16 cottolin weft.  I'm just weaving this as yardage which I will cut to towel lengths once off the loom.  I have enough for around 5 yards (or about 5 towels) in this colour and then I'll switch to a slightly darker blue/grey which I think will also look very nice.  I may - or may not - change the tie up and treadling.  I think this one is looking pretty good.


Linda said...

Beautiful pattern, Laura! How many harnesses?

MegWeaves said...

You make my head spin. I'm slow, but that's my specialty. I love this piece!!

Laura Fry said...

Linda, I'm using all 16 shafts. Meg, thanks, I'm really quite pleased with how this is turning out. Winter is coming here, so it seems very appropriate. ;)