Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Deadline Dragon

With four weeks to the first show of the season, you might think there is plenty of time to do everything that needs doing.

You'd be wrong.  Four weeks is hardly any time at all, especially considering that I will be gone for one of those weeks.

With such a busy show schedule, it is imperative that I have everything ready in good time because once I leave for New York and the Eastern Great Lakes conference it is going to be a flat out race until mid-November.

I feel the hot and heavy breath of the Deadline Dragon on my neck....

One of my life long goals has always been to be more organized.  Creative chaos is fine, but not very helpful when you start losing track of things, can't find them, spend hours looking for them.  So we are totally re-arranging the storage room here and at the annex.

To that end a friend came today, tagged/priced and helped pack all of the show inventory up to transfer it to the annex.  Now Doug has to sort and organize everything over there.

Next week I'm hoping the same friend will come and help sort through some of the boxes and bins of yarn and get them organized onto the now empty shelves.

Next year I will be continuing with my efforts to stash bust because one way to be more organized is to have less stuff.  The best way to have less stash is to weave it up.

With the possibility of another Big Project happening in May, the Deadline Dragon will continue to huff and puff down the back of my neck giving me the goal of having a tidy studio in case the May Big Project actually happens.  And if it doesn't, I'll still have made significant strides towards my goal of a cleaner, tidier, more organized space.

The help of a friend to get there?  Priceless.


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Feed it (the dragon) lots of ice cream! With enough icecream, , the deadline may not be further away, but the dragon's breath will be less dangerous.
(source to be had on request)

Laura Fry said...

If nothing else, the ice cream will cool it down???? :)