Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Loop Oops

Lack of attention while winding this bobbin means that a 'loop' of yarn 'fell off' the end of the bobbin leaving slack which will eventually drag off the end of the bobbin and wrap around the spindle of the shuttle during weaving.  Unless I deal with it immediately.

The easiest way to do this is to put the bobbin into the shuttle and pull the weft off from the side, then when it sluffs off and wraps around the spindle it's a fairly simple matter to unwrap the loop from the spindle (or axle) and carefully continue winding the weft off.

It is also noticeably, albeit slowly, turning from summer to autumn.  The first indication - and a subtle one - is that the humidity is dropping.  Our warm humid summer days are slowly ebbing away.  Which is unfortunate as the silk is becoming more and more prone to static electricity making winding the warp and then beaming it more and more of a challenge.

I am going to hurry through these thankfully fairly short (at 7 meters) warps as quickly as I can and then switch to something a little more co-operative.  Like cotton.

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