Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sneaking up on Tidy

north wall

west wall

Today a friend came and helped me sneak up on 'tidy'.

Quite frankly, even though she knows me, knows the chaos I live in and the length and breadth of my stash, even she was somewhat staggered at just exactly how much yarn was living in all those boxes and bins.

In four hours, she only managed to deal with two types of yarn - the 2/8 cotton and the 2/16 cotton.  And make a token stab at the shelves with a mixture of bamboo and linen and miscellaneous stuff.

But those two yarns are the ones I use most often and being able to see them - and therefore find them?  Priceless!

I hesitate to point out the number of boxes of wool, rayon/bamboo and rayon chenille I have yet to deal with, but please - let me live in the fantasy of a well organized (nearly) studio for a day or two?

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barbara said...

What a wonderful job your friend has done on the cotton on your shelves - yes, it must mean a lot for you to see just what you have. That's a big job to have done - don't look at what's to be done, just enjoy what has been done!!!! Weaverly yours ... Barbara

Emily McCumber said...

I'm so jealous of your stash! As someone that is just starting out, I hope I have such an abundant stash someday soon.


Peg Cherre said...

If your friend would like to come to the eastern US, she's more than welcome at my house. :-)

Your shelves look great!

DebbieB said...

Looking good, Laura!

heather said...

Your stash is droolworthy for sure.:)