Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weighing Options

Finished threading the warp this morning, got it sleyed, tied on and started weaving.  The dark blue is the header - just any old 'waste' yarn I have - dribs and drabs left on bobbins.

This time I paid attention to my notes and threaded it the way the last towel warp was supposed to be done.  Once again I will just weave yardage with the pale mint green and then cut that up into suitable towel lengths.  When I switch to the cottolin - left overs from my summer tops - I will change the tie up and do something different, perhaps in actual towel lengths, perhaps just yardage again.  The goal is to try and use up some of the odds and ends of yarn in my stash.

We are in final count down for the show season.  My suitcase is on the lr floor waiting to be filled - I just have to remember the things that need to be packed, like my silk jacket for the conference fashion show.  I leave in just 8 days so there is some time to weave.  Last night I managed to put a small dent in the hemming pile, but there are more mats to come so I'm going to have to stay on top of my production and deadlines.

Doug is at the annex painting the booth shelves.  Once that's done I think we will be as ready as we can be in terms of booth display - then it will be time to start packing up the inventory so that it will be ready to be loaded into the van.  I'm thinking we need to cut back at least one show next year.  We'll see how the smaller shows go - if they are worth doing or not.

Being in business is a constant exercise in weighing options, trying to find a balance between income and outgo...

Currently reading Bones of Paris by L. R. King - not a Mary Russell story but....


Suzanne Anderson said...

Laura, I would love to see some of your rayon chenille scarves. The dyes warp scarves are beautiful!

jenclair said...

The Bones of Paris is the second in this series. I enjoyed reading about the ex-pat life in Paris--so many interesting characters there at that time!