Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Louet Spring Loom

A friend needs to sell her 110 cm (43"?) Louet Spring Loom.  I'm not sure how many shafts it has or what accessories come with it but she needs to go into hospice so the loom needs to find a new home.  Quickly.

It is located in the interior of BC.  If you are at all interested, please contact me and I will get more information.  Time is of the essence, unfortunately.  Picking it up would be ideal for the family - they have quite enough on their plates as it is.  But her friends may also be able to arrange to store it for a short time or even work out arrangements for shipping.  Not exactly sure but it would ease her mind if she knew it was going to a good home....

Two of my friends are currently in hospice.  :(  A good reason for having lots of friends younger than myself?  Since I don't have any children, I guess my friends will have to help me downsize one day.


Peg Cherre said...

Sorry to hear about your friends. Life is way too short.

Laura Fry said...

Looks like a local will purchase the loom.