Friday, September 6, 2013


I'm all about Minimum Input, Maximum Output.

For this towel warp, I was using up a limited quantity of yarn for weft.  Since I didn't know how far it would go, rather than design a towel with specific hems and/or border design, I decided to just weave yardage and cut it up to towel length when I was done weaving.

With no obvious cut line, here is what I do.

I measure out the length I want for the towel (including allowance for hems).

At the appropriate length I make a small cut in the cloth:

Then I pull a thread out of the cloth:

This makes a visible line which I use to cut across the width of the cloth:

And then I serge and voila, ready for wet finishing (after I've fixed a few loops in the weft).

Surprisingly the yarn yielded more fabric than I expected.  I've still got 4 ounces of the hand dyed 2/20 cotton left!  Back into the stash it goes...

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