Thursday, September 26, 2013

Winding Down

With less than 12 days until I leave for the Eastern Great Lakes conference, followed closely (every following weekend until the end of November) by retail sales, I realized I need to dial back my production and take some time to rest.

I have been pushing, not hard but steadily, since the end of May and I'm tired.  I am also becoming more and more aware that I am no longer in my 30's (much as my inner spirit insists) but in my 60's.  It takes longer for me to recover from big pushes and the next 8 weeks are going to be one gigantic road trip.  One trip is tiring, the schedule I have coming up is going to be....exhausting.

So my plan (because you know I always have one!) is to finish the mat warp currently in the loom, weave the peach mat warp I wound yesterday, then switch to the AVL and see how much of that 20 yards I can get woven before I leave on the 8th of October.

In between there are administrivia tasks that need doing - bring my ledger up to date, remitting my GST forms, getting a massage (absolutely necessary!), a phone call re: another possible webinar next year - and those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head.  I'm sure others will reveal themselves as the days go by.

During the trips I will have my iPad so I can work on notes for the possible Next Big Project because after moaning about no teaching dates for next year, a number have come in and now my schedule is full enough that I am not going to be able to take much time off in order to do prep work for those workshops, guild programs, webinars.

I know that I could actually weave more than what I've outlined, but it isn't just the weaving there is all the finishing to do, too.  Last night during a meeting I attended I did manage to hem 6 place mats.  But there are 5 times that number still to do, plus the mats I've woven since Doug pressed the ones ready for hemming.

There are still 4 dozen painted warp scarves that have to be wet finished, trimmed, tagged and priced.  There are a dozen rayon chenille scarves, ditto.  Additional inventory for the Langley guild sale to ready and deliver during one of the road trips, then be picked back up again once their sale is over.

So rather than continue to push, push, push, I am going to limit myself to the above 3 warps and only (and I do mean only!) if those all get done with plenty of time left will I even contemplate trying to weave one more warp.  She says now....

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