Thursday, January 9, 2014

Count Down

It is that time.  Yes, not quite time to leave, but too little time to do much of anything.  Anticipation builds.  Will everything go off without a hitch?   Will the weather co-operate?   Will flights be on time?   Will I get food I can eat?   Did I bring enough emergency rations with me?   Will I wake up at 5 am so I can catch my 8 am flight tomorrow?

A few things I do know.  I have lots of books.  Probably too many to finish them all in three weeks.  There is a big stack of hemming and Doug will bring more if there is room in his suitcase.

If the weather and driving conditions are good, Cindy has proposed a couple of road trips to visit with weavers in the region, so there will be lots of weaving talk and fibre friendly people to connect with.

Jacqui has proposed a dolphin tour, again, if the weather co-operates.

I am looking forward to the next three weeks, whatever the weather does because if it's nasty I have hemming and reading.  If it is nice, people to meet and share my love of textiles with.  Most if all, I hope to escape winter for a bit.  


Fran said...

Wish I was going!
I just got a catalogue from them. (Of course, I wouldn't mind taking autoharp, either.)
Have a real nice time, and some balmy weather(?)
Cheers Fran

Laura Fry said...

Flight is delayed. Hopefully not too much longer, but dinner is going to be late tonight!

the Mighty M said...

Safe and pleasant journies! I'll send the good weather faerie. She's camped out in California now but had been known to head east.

Sandra Rude said...

Safe travels both there and back!