Monday, January 20, 2014

Quiet Interlude

Today we had a quiet day.  We were both tired after a very busy week.  There were seven in the weekend class, one complete beginner who had never woven before in her life, but managed to execute a decent set of samples.  I have given her a contact in her home town, so hopefully she can get started weaving properly.

Next year I am looking forward to seeing this part of the country in friendlier weather.  Specifically June 7-12.  I am hoping for another booking prior to split the travel costs.  

We are keeping fingers crossed that the predicted snow doesn't fall tomorrow so we can head north to Norris, TN to visit the Tuesday Weavers.   In the evening The Spinnery in Gatlinberg has a drop in so we are hoping to meet some of the locals for an evening of crafts.

Wednesday we plan to visit Arrowmont.  They have an exhibit plus a tour of the weaving studio may be possible.

The rest of the week we will just play by ear.

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