Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Art Market

At last, we are done.  Took longer today than usual, for some reason.   Maybe because we are getting tired?   Maybe because Doug returned the van to the hotel when it was empty.  Maybe because we use extra lights at this show to get more light on the product on the shelves.  Maybe all of the above?

We are finally back at the hotel having a toes up time.  We will probably go back to the bar and grill just down the block for dinner later.  The prices were good and the food is decent.  And I don't need anything fancy.  


Gloria19 said...

It looks great. I hope it all sells.

Louisa said...

Glad you got there safe and all is well. All you can do is the best you can. Happy sales!

Betty Bell said...

Setup looks really good, and the lighting is wonderful. Hope it goes better than expected/hoped/planned for/counted on ....... have a safe trip home.