Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Dear Laura,
I have just spent THE most enjoyable afternoon with you (via your DVD The  
Efficient Weaver).
You have brought enlightenment, many "ah ha" moments, along with several "duh -  
why did I ever do it any other way" comments. 

Living in Australia, there are very few weaving classes available, so most of my  
learning has been done via books, DVD's and the internet.  

Your DVD now has pride of place on my shelving units, never to see the inside of  
the filing cabinet where many other DVD's have been placed. 

Your clear and insightful instructions are the best that I have had the pleasure of  
viewing, and I just wish that I could pluck you from the screen and sit you down  
beside me just to chat and enjoy a nice drink and some lovely food. 

Thank you SO much for your generosity of spirit, and for making my weaving world  
a much less stressful place to be. 

So many thanks 

Happy Weaving 

Several people have sent emails with lovely comments.  Belinda's arrived while we were on our trip round the craft fairs and I was beginning to feel very exhausted.  What a lovely lift to read her words - and those of the people who have written reviews on Weaving Today, Craft Daily and Ravelry as well as the personal emails that have arrived over the summer and into the winter.

No matter how much I love weaving, there are times - especially right now - when doing what needs to be done takes more energy than I really have.  I told Doug last night that with all my health issues, I really can't do shows by myself any more and I am grateful beyond words that he is willing to do the (literal) heavy lifting.

The good news is that I have a tentative surgical date.  Hopefully sometime in January I will have the by-pass surgery and be back in fine form (other than all the other chronic issues I still have to deal with) by spring.  Also while we were away I received another request to vend at the Alberta conference in May - this time I said yes, because I ought to be fully recovered by then.  I should also be at Olds in June although I won't know for sure until spring.  But it looks like those can go ahead without any problems.  If, that is, my body decides to co-operate.

After a truly horrible summer, I am once again (cautiously) optimistic about being able to have my brain and body back and functioning.  But I doubt I will do much traveling to teach unless it is within driving distance.  Even then I'm not sure I can any more manage 12 hour drives on my own.  So I will probably attempt a trip to Seattle next summer to visit friends and see if I can manage on my own or not.

Getting old is not for sissies!


MegWeaves said...

A vid worth watching many times. And may 2015 be a much better year for you. (And me!)

Laura Fry said...

Hi Meg, I hope that everyone who has been struggling this year will have a better year to come. :)

Terry said...

Laura, You are an inspiration! My only regret is that I did not find you sooner!! As we travel full-time for business, at 60 years of age I finally fulfilled my lifelong fibers dream and set to becoming a spinner and a weaver, using DVD's, books, and the internet. We travel with a Lendrum folding wheel and the Baby Wolf 8 Shaft Loom and I am in heaven!! Thank you and others like you for sharing and helping me to understand what I see and read. I bought your two latest DVDs and read you whenever you post. May your upcoming surgery go smoothly and your recovery be swift! Feel all the support of your friends and followers as you make this journey! Thank you!

A textile a day said...

Hi Laura
Best wishes with your surgery and I hope you do get to travel more and enjoy teaching again.

I enjoy your post and have learnt a lot of brilliant weaving tips and tricks for them.

Am looking forward to picking up the video when I am next in Canada visiting family.

Belinda (yes from Australia but a different Belinda)

Louisa said...

Glad you made it home safely! And that now you have a surgery date instead of being put off.

Of course your DVD is helping weavers everywhere. Your experience is invaluable! I wish I'd had it way back when I was learning.