Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunny Day

The Wet Coast is showing off with a lovely sunny day.

We slept in this morning.  I think we were both pretty tired.  Of course, not setting the alarm properly may have had something to do with it not going off?

But we got to the hall without too much delay and by 1 pm we were pretty much done setting up.  No photos today.  The wifi connection at the hotel keeps dropping out and did not want to accept the photo I took from the hotel window.

I'm not entirely happy with the way the booth looks...but I never am and people seem to buy anyway.

The show here is six days this year.  The management always schedules the show so that it encompasses Remembrance Day.  It looks like the weather for the rest of the week is going to be sunny but chilly.  We will see if people come to shop or do last minute stuff in their gardens.  😊


Louisa said...

A little of both actually! I got lots of gardening done yesterday and today. Maybe some tomorrow if I have any energy left. And I hope to stop in to say hi on Wednesday!

Laura Fry said...

Will look forward to seeing you, Louisa. :)