Monday, November 3, 2014

End of the Line(n)

all that's left of 3.5 pounds of fine red singles linen

about 30 yards of red tea towels on the beam

There was enough warp for one more towel - but I decided I'd had enough.  Plus if I'm going to get them cut/serged and wet finished, I needed to be done.

We have 6 days between the two shows and there is a possibility that I can get these towels ready to be hemmed during quiet times at the next show.  Who knows, maybe I can even sell some of them?  They would make great festive cloths for the coming holiday season.

The design is a twill block version of Young Lover's Knot traditional overshot pattern.  The red on red makes them look quite elegant.

Loom waste on this warp is 2 yards, but since I wound 36 yards, I'm not feeling terribly guilty about 'wasting' it.


Antonia Smith said...

I hope you post pictures of the towels in progress! That red is quite lovely!

Anonymous said...

Love the red! Looking forward to seeing the finished towels.

Betty Bell said...

love the red, and these are wonderful. Wish I was there to help hem; those left will go for Valentine's Day.