Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Next in the Queue

Colour isn't quite right in this photo but about as close as I can come.  The linen (the cone on the top) is actually more brown and less green looking.

With the aim of reducing my stash of fine linen, the next warp is another 2/16 cotton and the weft is a fairly coarse/hairy tow linen, probably a singles 12.  Most of Lynn's yarn did not have identifying info with it so a lot of the time it's just my best guess.

I have about 6 pounds of this tow linen so I put a 30 yard warp on - well, I suppose I ought to say that I'm putting a 30 yard warp on because I'm only half way done winding.  Then I'll see how much of the linen gets used up and go up or down on the next warp depending on how much is left.

The threading will probably be a fairly simple twill with some straight runs and some advancing areas.  The kind of 'wood' colour of the warp is inspiring me to play with a draft that might sort of look like wood grain when it's done.  Still have to play with the draft and fit it to the number of ends I'm winding.

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