Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday, My Way

Since I still have inventory that I would love see go to a new loving home, and since it would be nice to join in the spirit by having a sale, I am reprising my 'buy two (or more) and get free shipping' sale that I did over the summer.

What there is:

Weave a V by Kerstin Fro;berg - $20.

A Good Yarn:  Rayon:  $40

And tea towels.  These are just some of them:

100% cotton  $24 each
Red:  10
Blue:  0
Rose:  6

2/16 cotton warp with tow linen weft - $28 each:

beige/orange:  8
white/cream with natural:  6
turquoise with natural:  7

2/16 cotton with singles 20 weft - $36 each:

red:  2 ready, many more to be pressed (like maybe another 24?) perfect for festive occasions.  The pattern is Young Lover's Knot overshot translated to twill blocks
emerald green:  21 - another overshot translated to twill blocks
greyed blue/green:  11 - snail's trails and cat's paws in twill blocks
turquoise:  15 blooming leaf overshot in twill blocks

I can also burn Magic in the Water to a flash drive or CD - $25

My version of Cyber Monday will last until Dec. 15 or until stock is sold.  Items shipped closer to Christmas might arrive after the Christmas mail rush because I will only pay for the cheapest rate.  And yes, this includes outside North America.  

I also have a few 'orphans' - if you don't see a colour you want, I may have one or two left and will send pictures if you let me know what you are looking for.  

FOR ALL ORDERS, EMAIL ME:  laura at laurafry dot com

Season's Greetings to everyone - whatever you celebrate I hope it's a fantastic one.

*edited to show up to date numbers

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