Thursday, December 25, 2014

When Work = Play

Beaming warp sectionally - green first, then red

Completed warp

I rarely accept special orders any more - unless it is just doing one of my established designs in a different colourway.

But I agreed to tackle this special order for a couple of reasons.

One, the customer gave me complete freedom to design something.
Two, I had so many requests for table textiles that I figured even if the customer didn't like what I did I could probably find a customer somewhere.

When I do accept a special order I tell the customer that I will make something, no obligation on them to actually buy it.  

The cloth is to be a square that will fit on a round table.  Doing just one item isn't economical in terms of investment in time, so I put 10 yards on today (yes, I 'worked' on Christmas Day - my work is my play, too) and should be able to get 5 or 6 squares out of the warp.

I have ideas for several different designs.  At least one will be woven with dark green as weft, but I also have some fine natural linen in a sort of brown-ish hue, plus I have some two ply cotton/linen blend.  So that's three possibilities.  I'm sure I can find more yarn in my copious stash.  

Each square will be woven with a different tie-up/treadling and when completed I will invite the customer to take a look at all of them and see if she likes any of them.

As a side benefit, I realized that some of the red 2/8 cotton was actually 2/16.  This pleases me because I had been thinking of ordering in some 2/16 in reds and now I don't have to.  Win!

Currently reading The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince by Robin Hobb - a title I stumbled on at the library but which isn't listed on her website - not sure why.


Katie said...

So, are you making the first ones with the red in the middle and the later ones with green in the middle?

Laura Fry said...

Hi Katie, I wound all of the green ones first, then filled in the empty sections with red. That way I only had to change out the spools once. I will change weft colours, tie up and treadling to make each one 'different'.


Leola's Studio said...

Aren't those old titles?
I'm reading a Dick Francis- my brain can't hardly work at this point although I'm knitting ...thank goodness for hand memory!!!!

Katie said...

Duh! I thought the two photos were of the same part of the warp beam. Just didn't look hard enough.

Keeping you and your health on my radar, Laura. You have lots of people pulling for you!