Saturday, December 13, 2014

Deadline Deluge

All of a sudden I feel as though I am being deluged by deadlines.  The proverbial tunnel with the  light at the end?  Feeling like an on-coming locomotive.

(The above photo is inside a beehive burner looking upwards - taken by Doug a few years ago at the railway museum - but feels right for today's post.)

As usual my request list at the library has entered into the 'feast' phase - after weeks of waiting for a number of new titles from my fav authors, suddenly they are arriving.  We won't discuss the number of books I own and therefore have no due date.

Each day I arise, determined to jump on the daily tasks and each day I move about as quickly as a sloth.  My energy seems to arrive around noon and disappear by 4 pm.  If I don't get into the studio during those hours I get nothing done down there.  Or anywhere else.

Add to that other tasks awaiting me and it feels like I am accomplishing very little at all with several things about to go critical in the next few days.

And yet, here I sit at the computer, ignoring what really needs to be done.

Back to my usual coping strategy I guess.  Make a list.  Start crossing them off, one at a time.

Currently reading The Secret Place by Tana French


Louisa said...

Get out of any commitments that you can, put off most of the rest and take it easy, girl! You need to rest and not overdo things until after your surgery and you have healed up. You are NOT Superwoman and the world can just deal!

Laura Fry said...

Not Superwoman!??? Oh noes!

Just what I needed - a reality check!!!