Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Weaver

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This isn't the best photo - taken on my cell phone.

Would you believe this was woven by a complete and absolute beginner?  Perfectly straight selvedges and a beat that was pretty darned consistent!

The guild has a couple of looms with warps on so when I got a phone call the other day from someone saying she wanted to learn how to weave but didn't have a loom, was there any possibility of learning?  I invited her to the guild drop in.

Tonight she braved the cold temps (it turned into a serious cold 'snap'), I spent about 20 minutes giving her an introduction to the loom (this is warp, this is weft), quickly went through the names of the different parts of the loom, explained about threading, tie up, treadling, then covered basic posture at the loom, how to hold and throw the shuttle and wham, bam, she was off as though she'd been weaving for years.

She's going to try to come back on Saturday when I have another wannabe weaver coming.  They each can take a loom and see how it goes.  But I think the one tonight is...hooked.  


Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing selvedges for a brand new beginner. She's a natural.

mageez said...

so when do you teach someone to warp the loom and read a draft?

Laura Fry said...

If she comes back Saturday I will show her how to read a draft and maybe talk about a small project. This was just a taster to see if she liked it enough to continue. Since I'm having surgery, hopefully soon, I suggested she buy Janet Dawsons class on Craftsy. I have heard it's excellent and I can be local mentor as she works through the more formal class.

Peg Cherre said...

That is truly an amazing piece on day 1! A great teacher like you couldn't have hurt, Laura.

Happy New Year!

Rachelle said...

I'll second Janet Dawson's class, I found it really handy. I am lucky though that I also seem to be a bit of a natural, and going by my son's first project so is he!