Tuesday, January 6, 2015

41" x 24 epi = 984

Working on the AVL now that the loom parts have been installed.  I'd intended to have this warp ready to weave on before the parts arrived but USPS and Canada Post conspired to deliver the box days before I expected it!

This warp is the special order and today I made significant progress on threading - just 8" left to do.  It's actually kind of nice to be working with 'thick' yarns - 2/8 instead of 2/16 cotton.  You wouldn't think 24 epi would be all that much faster than 32, but somehow it is.

I have had a little bit of feedback about the Purrington Looms folding floor loom but not what I would call a 'review'.  So far the majority of the feedback has been positive.

So - if anyone is interested in the modifications I would make to the loom to make it closer to my 'ideal' of a portable floor loom, let me know and I will post them here.  Mr. Bannerman says he's willing to make most of the modifications I would like to see - I have no idea what it would cost to get him to customize one of his loom designs - that you would have to discuss with him.

And on a final note - the date for surgery could be as soon as two weeks so I'm really feeling the pressure to get this warp woven and a few other must-be-done things accomplished toot sweet.

Keeping fingers crossed that there aren't very many 'emergencies' that would serve to bump me further down line - and not just for me, but for those who might suddenly find themselves needing emergency cardiac interventions...


terri said...

sending good thoughts and prayers your way for your surgery

Diane in Oregon said...

I'd be interested in your comments about improving the Purrington folding loom.

Good luck with your surgery, and with the getting-ready part!

Diane B said...

I'm not interested in the purrington loom so much as what you require in a loom in the first place.