Thursday, January 15, 2015

Working the Stash

This photo isn't quite 'true' - it looks more green than it actually is.  This warp was a bit of a challenge as I was - I am - trying really hard to use up what I already own, not buy more yarn.  So I had to get a little bit creative.

This is 2/16 bamboo from Brassard (or Halcyon - there may be other US suppliers).  I had 16 spools of black - not enough for a shawl warp.  I also had some dark blue in the same yarn, but not quite enough.  So I thought, what the heck, and added four green.  This still wasn't enough so instead of beaming 32 ends, I wound 30  but several 'extra' sections.  When I go to sley, I'll do it as 32 epi.

I have quite a bit of 2/10 Tencel, 2/8 Tencel, the fine bamboo from Silk City and lots of 2/16 cotton in a limited number of colours.  I wound a 40 yard warp and hope to get maybe 14, 15 shawls?  Still not sure how long I'm going to weave them.  More than 72" because that isn't quite long enough - probably 84".  I need to do some more math.

I did a quick and dirty threading - a large fairly simple central motif, a simple border for each side and the space between those two will be simple point progression.  Weaving will be twill variations, to be determined.


Sandra Rude said...

Love that color combo!

Laura Fry said...

It actually looks better than I thought it would. I think I will thread tomorrow and try to leave the loom ready to go so that as soon as I'm ready I can just get started.

Peg Cherre said...

Ooooo...can't wait to see it emerge!