Sunday, January 4, 2015

Eye of the Beholder

My Leclerc loom is a 'rescue' loom.  It came with bumps, dents and dings along with some design issues that I needed modified.

But I love my little loom, it is a true work horse and does almost everything I need it to do.  To me it is beautiful because it works well and allows me to work efficiently.

I have woven on a great deal of looms - not all of them, but most of the major manufacturer's offerings.  There are a few more I would like to try out, just so that I have a point of reference when someone asks me whether or not they should buy this or that loom.

To me a loom is not a piece of furniture, it is a tool.  As such I am much more concerned about how well it functions than how 'pretty' it is.

I am also more than willing to make modifications to any piece of equipment - or have Doug make them, truth be told - in order to make it work more to my liking.  I do not hesitate to drill holes, add clamps, or whatever, if that will improve the performance.

Quite frankly I do not want to pay a premium for decoration that does nothing to enhance the function of my tools and may, indeed, hinder it.  I won't give examples because I don't want to annoy anyone, but not all looms or spinning wheels are created equal.  Some really do function 'better' than others.

I would love to have a long discussion with a loom manufacturer about what I think makes a good, well functioning loom.  I'd love to have input into the creation of a new 'portable'/workshop floor loom.  Anyone want to have my free advice?  (You know what free advice is worth...)


Dorothy said...

Well said!

Jennifer Castley said...

I would happily pay for a loom named "Laura"!

Peg Cherre said...

If I were a loom manufacturer, I'd want your input. And as, an erm, loomer, I'd especially love a loom that you 'designed.' Your knowledge of weaving, ergonomics, and efficiencies would prove invaluable!